Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Poll Results

Me maded pollz for yoo to sees wut you like meez to blogs about.
Thanky for votesez. Heerz reezults:

I would like Betty Bones to gossip about:

30% • Fun websites she finds
30% • Anything she wants to
20% • Generation Z
10% • Health and beauty
10% • All of the above
0% • Monstery stuff
0% • Celebrities

I likes yoo to likesez meez to gossip about whatever. Yeps, free reignz is good. Buts, why monster racism? Okays. I shows yooz fun linksies.
Come see anytime.

Feed me brainies soze I ken rite betterz. More readiers, mor brainies to eats. ;)

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